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Here at Enviro Cleaning Service, I use "Aromatherapy Naturals" cleaning supplies. These natural cleaning products are safe for you and your family. When your home is cleaned with natural aromatherapy products, you not only get a clean and healthy home, but one that is filled with the scents of aromatherapy! We also use HEPA-quality vacuums, which cut down on dust reintroduced into the air.

The health of you and your family comes first. Many chronic health conditions stem from our environment, so consider how much time you spend in your home. “Green cleaning” is more than a catch phrase, but rather a mind set to promote health. Read more about the products I use below



A Word About the Natural Cleaning Products I Use...

Aromatherapy Naturals - Truly All Natural; No chemicals, preservatives, fillers, synthetic fragrances, no artificial colors and no toxins. Period. Aromatherapy Naturals products are totally safe for your children, your pets, your environment and you.

Fragrant- Aromatherapy Naturals uses only pure essential oils that smell best and clean most effectively to make their natural cleaning products. The end result is a highly effective, aromatic cleaning agent. The perfect solution for individuals who want a clean fragrant home without using dangerous chemical cleaners and for those who suffer from allergies and asthma..


What are natural ingredients? From The Natural Ingredient Resource CenterNIRC seal


Natural Ingredients include 
plant, animal, mineral or 
microbial ingredients...

  • present in or produced by nature.
  • produced using minimal physical processing.*
  • directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or resulting from naturally occurring biological processes.*
Natural ingredients are...
  • grown, harvested, raised and processed in an ecological manner.
  • not produced synthetically.
  • free of all petrochemicals.
  • not extracted or processed using petrochemicals.
  • not extracted or processed using anything other than natural ingredients as solvents.
  • not exposed to irradiation.
  • not genetically engineered & do not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Natural ingredients do...

  • not contain synthetic ingredients.**
  • not contain artificial ingredients including colors or flavoring.
  • not contain synthetic chemical preservatives.


Natural Product Ingredients - Aromatherapy Naturals products are truly all natural

All the ingredients that go into making Aromatherapy Naturals are listed below. Nothing that is not natural...period!

Every cleaning product I receive is carefully created by hand. Aromatherapy Naturals commitment to purity and quality goes as far as to guarantee that products are not created until the time I place my order.


 Superior ingredients for superior cleaning performance.Aromatherapy Naturals Ingredients

Grain Alcohol Made from fine grains. A totally natural disinfectant. Aromatherapy Naturals uses pure grain alcohol that is totally un-denatured in any way. Works by denaturing proteins and dissolving lipids, effectively destroying many types of bacterial and viral cells. Did you know that the germ killing effects of alcohol are enhanced with essential oils? Aromatherapy Naturals uses both grain alcohol and essential oils.

Organic Cleanser Made with organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil

Pure Essential Oils Essential oils are what gives the natural products an even greater antibacterial boost

Coconut Oil

Natural Cleaner and Preservative Food grade. 99.9% pure

Sodium Bicarbonate A natural deodorizer and alkalizing agent. Helps neutralize acids and break down proteins

Thyme Oil The essential oil of thyme is antibacterial, acting on the bacteria's enzymes

Natural Vitamin E (the purest form of vitamin E available) Used in Foaming Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizers

Vegetable Glycerine

Olive Oil

Emulsifier Food Grade


Be Careful When Choosing Natural Cleaning Products

Environmentally friendly doesn't always mean people-friendly. Think that pretty pink or purple natural cleaning product you've been using is really all natural? Think again. In fact, natural stuff is usually rather unattractive and lavender oil isn't purple at all. So now when you see a beautifully colored "all natural cleaning product" you'll know - if it's so natural, how'd they get it to look so pretty!


Be Aware of Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are not natural products. They are made with synthetic ingredients and therefore have no antibacterial or therapeutic properties. Only pure essential oils are antibacterial, anitviral and antifungal by nature.


Pure Essential Oils   essential oils

Aromatherapy Naturals uses only pure essential oils that smell best and clean most effectively to make natural cleaning products. The end result is a highly effective, aromatic cleaning agent. Essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils, which are combinations of synthetically manufactured chemicals designed to "mimic" the aroma of natural materials.


Pure Essential Oils Are Known For Their Cleaning Properties

Disinfectant: substances that destroy microorganisms.
Antibacterial: a compound or substance that kills or slows down the growth of bacteria
Anti-microbial: a substance that slows or inhibits the growth of microorganisms.
Anitseptics: prevents or inhibits the growth of microbes.



*Phthalates are industrial chemicals used in plastics as well as skincare products. These compounds are some of the most abundant toxins in the environment.


Aromatherapy Naturals - Safe For Everyone

Safe for you, your children, your pets and the environment. The perfect solution for individuals who want a clean fragrant home without using dangerous chemical cleaners and for those who suffer from allergies and asthma..

What You Won't Find in Aromatherapy Naturals Products

* Ammonia
* Vinegar
* Phosphates
* Peroxide
* Artificial Colors
* Synthetic Fragrances
* Artificial Preservatives



essential oil scents

A Word About Scents...

Scent is perhaps the most powerful of all our senses and essential oils were designed by nature to work in harmony with it. Our instinctive need to feed our sense of smell is the reason we surround ourselves with candles, potpourri, perfumed shampoo, shower gel, body lotion and more. Simply put - it feels good to smell nice things, so therefore we subconsciously seek out the pleasure of scent. And what better way to do it than to apply the basic principles of aromatherapy to our most mundane of tasks - like cleaning.


Did you know essential oils kill bacteria?

Many essential oils have been clinically proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and help people stay healthy, avoid illness and boost the immune system. Another benefit of using essential oils is that viruses and bacteria have not developed the resistance to them.


Ok. So they smell good but do they work and kill germs?

Absolutely. Aromatherapy Naturals products are extraordinary in both performance and scent. As for the germs? Pure essential oils are strongly antibacterial in nature and for this reason our natural cleaning products are infused with an abundance of them.


Natural Germ Killers

When you here the word "essential oils" you normally think of pleasing scents right? But pure essential oils have impressive cleaning properties too? Pure essential oils are known for their antibacterial, disinfectant, anti fungal and antiseptic cleaning properties.

Essential oils don't just mask bad smells, they neutralize the unpleasant odors and airborne bacteria that linger in our homes, cars, workplaces etc.

A great many of the household cleaning products we rely on to keep our homes looking their best can be down-right toxic to our bodies. It’s natural to assume the rows of cleaning products that line the shelves of our most-frequently-shopped-stores are perfectly safe for daily use…quite simply because they’re there, but government regulations will typically allow for a chemical to be used until it is proven beyond a doubt to be dangerous to the public. In the year 2000 alone, everyday cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposures reported to the U.S. Poison Control Center. See the DANGERS page for information on "Dangers of Chemical Cleaners".






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